» » Acompañando a Richard Gere en el Hormiguero 3.0

Acompañando a Richard Gere en el Hormiguero 3.0

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18 December 2015

yesterday, my mother, Maribel Yébenes and I had the opportunity to go to the program’s Pablo Motos, el Hormiguero , Richard Gere which was to present his new film Invisibles . Get to know the footballer Richard Gere! What a thrill to fulfill the dream of so many women who, like us, we follow his career for so many years!


before the start of the program were rehearsing the dance with the staff which nerves! But in the end we really enjoyed it and the experience was great. I leave the link to the video that recorded my husband on television in which you can see how we had, as real girls! Maribel in the anthill and Myriam

the program was fun, not only for the tests that you had prepared, also because the actor did not hesitate to dance the women in the audience the mythical song of Pretty Woman .

in addition, Maribel and I had the opportunity to give us a photo with Richard Gere and meet the rest of the team many thanks to all! After this experience can only tell Richard we wait again!



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