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Corre, corre que nos pilla…

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tell me that you are of mine, who plunder us the Kings running at last very latest time for purchase until the wrapping paper. And it is not because it take me philosophy slow christmas inside out, but it is always doubt both on what to give (my husband, who is so undecided), that we end up going shopping at the last minute. But nothing happens! We have already put the accelerator and when less, has ordered the roscón de reyes arrived… and make gifts also. By illusion and desire to put that don’t fit!

so takes note of our slow gifts proposals: to , to enjoy peace that can well give these imminent Kings (you can always give a card with a ‘this gift ‘worth) or include them in the list of wedding gifts.

Ideas de regalos

Boutí de terciopelo de Balakata

photos, via habitualbliss.tumblr.com and © Balakata

a blanket of these warm for sound.
Yes, but not the Zara Home blanket and less the Primak which is Christmas! I speak of giving a good, beautiful, warm and special blanket . One of those that boast of Instagram photo and give the PIN button. One of those ‘for life’. One of those that spend endless hours huddled on the couch (very slow ).

on my wishlist blankets cashmere of Masserano Paola of sale in A typical living room (€480); Knitting Noodles woven rugs, hand-made in 100% wool of Merino Spanish (from €256); the Balakata (from 79 to €169) velvet bouti.

Calcetines con estilo de Hop Socks

photos, © Hop Socks and © Allison Wells

ahead of the grandmother and his socks.
A classic of Kings, that many end up changing the next day (o blessed gift ticket!) or keeping in the drawer… one more year. But the end of an era, and now we are we who we aim to give a nice pair of socks has come. That Yes, not worth the packs of the Decathlon sports socks or bored executives. Now what is is fun with designs and enjoy color .

there are two small firms that meet these requirements and, in addition, made from high quality cotton under the label ‘made in Spain’: Hop Socks (12-€16), whose pretty recycled cardboard packaging looks the Carmen Pardo-Valcarce Foundation of the Assembly; and Sockaholic (€5-7) with an extensive catalogue that have fun.

photos and © Azarraluqui © Aitor Saraiba

the most this COOL ceramics.
Yes, another gift that take over the grandmother. The old offices have been renovated thanks to the talent of young (and not so young) designers and illustrators who dare to make a bland dish all a contemporary work . Many, moreover, they keep the artisan tradition of the craft and do not hesitate to hand paint any ceramic or porcelain objects. Including complete tableware.

if Sargadelos or Lladro figurines were in the wishlis t’s grandmother, new hipster potters have on their list to Abe the Ape (from €30), Aitor Saraiba (ceramic heart: €100), Azarraluqui (see) or José A. Roda (from €35).

photo © Patricia Murcia and © Cristina Diaz

and give it a memory?
This is one of the ideas of gifts that I like more. Myself a couple of year ago did, and it was a total hit with my in-laws. Is true that we currently have many many photos, but which are really good and beautiful, few; so this idea of give a photo session in couple, family or alone.

in our directory you will find a list of professional photographers that trust this special gift, and which will prepare you a bonus to give. With this idea giving away these beautiful photographs and also a wonderful experience . A memory in every rule! For example, what such a photo shoot at the same time you enjoy a ride on horseback? A proposal for the equestrian center of Buitrago de Lozoya next to Patricia Murcia and Carlos Castillo photographers (from €99)… Or a shoot family along with the photographer Cristina Díaz and its beautiful sensitivity (from €350).

photo © trends in weddings

the ROSCÓN of Kings of WILLY WONKA.
Undoubtedly this is the traditional dessert that I like most about throughout the year. A day without roscón Kings, it loses a bit of magic. And if there really is a twisted roll magic is the one created by the Mama Framboise, Alejandro Montes, pastry chef who seeks closer to Haute pâtisserie and return to let us dream with his sweet creations… and the twisted roll of Kings of Mama Framboise is absolutely delicious! A reinterpretation of the classic candy that makes it more attractive to the eye (to remind us of the children that we were) and more special to taste, as it uses first products and natural flavors. In fact, dare to replace typical fruits frosted by natural fruits

the Christmas roulade of Mama Framboise you have them in four flavors (classic, apricot, raspberry and chocolate), and you can order it at any of its stores in Madrid for €35.

list/or for running away? Because we get the Kings!

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