» » Ejercicios en el agua: los consejos de la matrona

Ejercicios en el agua: los consejos de la matrona

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increasingly are more women attending a course of aquatic exercises during pregnancy to prepare for motherhood. Now, the hand of a midwife, what are its advantages and how should be. 

and l soft and rhythmic exercise in warm water (30 – 32 ° C) is relaxing and provides the necessary support to the changes that the body experiences during pregnancy. The exercise is smooth in the water not to receive impact or load on joints. The buoyancy, the lack of gravity, enhances the feeling of lightness and well-being , since the MOM can navigate more easily and safely. Contact with water produces a micromassage in the body of the pregnant woman, resulting in Nice and very pleasant sensations.

during this type of exercise, the mother benefits from the water pressure on your body. Hydrostatic pressure facilitates venous return, improves circulation and reduces edema in the pregnant woman. All that helps prevent headaches by muscle contraction at the level of the spine and sacroiliac joints. Them movements of displacement and of propulsion through hands and feet help to reinforce the tone muscle, improving the resistance, the coordination and the flexibility of the future MOM, that is moves of form balanced, global and harmonic. The exercises in the water increase breathing capacity, which guarantees a better oxygenation, both mother and baby, and facilitates learning new techniques of breathing , that will be of great help in the face of childbirth . Also reinforces the diaphragmatic activity, altered by the increase in volume and the abdominal pressure of pregnant women.

a connection with baby
in pregnancy, the water has some magic: it is fluid, moving, remembers the amniotic fluid, where all have been. During exercises in the water, there are movements designed specifically to promote the bond with the baby, which, at that time, is located in the same aquatic environment in which their parents are. The Pope attends the sessions with his wife and both jointly conducted exercises in the water . In this way, the Pope prepares to be a “good personal trainer” of his wife during childbirth. In addition, you can share questions and experiences with other popes who, like him, also to attend these courses of gymnastics in the water.

preparation maternal in the water
Aquamater workshops, the midwife teaches several exercises , in which alternating movement and stillness. Her sensory stimulation, by means of appropriate music and different materials of colors, enriches the exercise. Also in this Center theoretical workshops on the main issues related to pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding are, and share questions and experiences with other couples, always accompanied by the matron. 


Mª Àngels Santandreu Ojeda. Matron of Aquamater ( www.aquamater.es ).

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