» » Exclusiva en ¡HOLA!, Ana Obregón y Antonia Dell'Atte, la reconciliación más inesperada

Exclusiva en ¡HOLA!, Ana Obregón y Antonia Dell'Atte, la reconciliación más inesperada

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the eternal enemy sign peace after 25 years of war

by hola.com

have been 25 years of training who have now put a point end. The hatchet is buried, which is a great joy for the protagonists of this story, and for their families. Ana Obregón and Antonia Dell’ Atte signed peace in this as unexpected reconciliation, whose details can be read exclusively in the pages of the magazine Hello! This week. “Alessandro is thrilled with that have buried the hatchet. Our reconciliation gives you peace. We are the mothers of his two sons and the harmony road opens for all”they say in the number that you can find already on sale today Tuesday in his usual kiosk.

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“our fights have been in the press for a quarter of a century, and we think that our reconciliation should also be public” explains Antonia. “We are not intimate, not worship us and we do it all together, but we get along very well. Ours is a reconciliation of truth”explains Ana. Gone are the harsh words that have exchanged in recent years, starts a new stage in their relationship for them.

ana Obregón: ‘ I am going so badly. My mother is in the hospital but it is improving ‘

the mother of Ana Obregón recovers with the love of his daughter and his grandson Alex

“Let’s try returning to our children something of what have we robbed them in their childhood. In this sense, already steps have been taken. The two have laid off the year for the first time with his father”says Anna, who in recent weeks has gone through a personal moment complicated due to the delicate state of his mother’s health. “I need to have my time, which I have not and I want to tell me that I have three days, that I have not had them all year, even in summer, to be quiet weeping. My mother has been very sick, and although it is now improving, I’m going very badly”said before the holiday season.

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