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Girls se despedirá en 2017

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HBO has confirmed that there will be more Girls after the sixth season, which still has no definitive release date, although as it has been published E! Online in 2017 . “We hope to make a sixth season that honour to the incredible cast, crew and fans,” he said through a statement Lena Dunham.

a sad for his followers, but little surprise at the end and after news. “never say never, but we are beginning to think about how the stories of these girls end”, said in a radio program in September. “is exciting: I started working here when she was 23 and now I’m going to meet 30, so it is as that the series had me occupied in my twenty time and I follow in the world”.

“Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner, brilliant co-workers have created a series for HBO’s rare a wit and intelligence”, said the President of programming for HBO, Michael Lombardo . “I can’t wait to see what they have prepared for the final seasons of this unique spectacle,” he said before redialing HBO to leave its doors open for future projects.

Although the team will not lengthen the series, much more ensure that until have you have not shot the fifth season, not may know with certainty, if this it will be followed by one or more seasons. “maybe we just doing six more,” joked Dunham. However, claimed that the intention is to give a fitting end to the series and not lengthen it unnecessarily.

season of Girls reach U.S. TVs on Sunday, February 21 at 22 h (local spindle). New chapters will make a six-month break after the end of the fourth season that takes its protagonists to contexts very distant from where leave them it. That’s Hannah in a new relationship or Shosh living in Japan.