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Juegos infantiles tradicionales: los 10 más populares

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are looking for traditional games for children? Teach your child how to play hide and seek, jumping rope or the handkerchief game? We give you the list of the 10 most popular traditional children’s games and you will learn how to play. Take note!

the children enjoying playing, especially with classic and traditional games that are played for generations and in different parts of the world. In some cases, it’s games already played that in ancient Greece or Egypt, and which have survived until our days. games such as hide and seek, jump rope, the blind hen or handkerchief are among the most popular and well-known around the world . While it is true that, depending on the area, the name of the game changes or may even have different nuances in its development, in essence it is the same game everywhere. 

but, beyond tradition, safe that children spend it is big, since it’s games that children always. Perhaps, happen because it’s simple, classic games and that do not require many things . Without a doubt, will stimulate the children’s physical and intellectual development and the ability to make friends. takes note of the 10 traditional games for most popular kids!

the 10 games most popular traditional

juego-escondite hide

is a play group in which a child has to reckon with the eyes closed until the number agreed upon among all and, at the end of the account, must notify aloud to others. Then, you must to look for other children, who have been hiding while little had his eyes closed. when the child is someone must touch to delete it and keep looking. To save themselves, children who are hiding must run to the place where he was telling and touch it until you catch them.


rayuela with chalk is drawn a diagram consisting of 10 frames and you enter a number from 1 to 10 in each. The child should sit or stand behind the first square and throw a stone on the top of the diagram. The box in which falls the stone can not step . The small start circuit with a hop on one foot (if a picture) or two feet (if the square is double). The objective consists of go through stone picture in picture to number 10 and back. If the child falls or the stone out of box, it should be filed.

juego-comba jump rope

is a game very beneficial for children, since it allows them to exercise a very full while fun. It’s that the child jump rope accompanied by a song. Without realizing it has, the child jumps and jumps without stopping, making an excellent exercise for your body. It is a perfect activity to share with friends outdoors. 

juego-carrera-sacos the race of Sacks

this group game must be in an area without obstacles, since the falls are inevitable . Children should be placed in a straight line and put your feet into a sack and, when someone gives the order of output, leave all making a career, keeping is seized to the SAC. Throughout the race, the feet should be within the SAC. WINS who arrives first at the finish line.

juego-gallinita-ciega the hen blind

the minimum of players is four persons and you need a handkerchief to cover the eyes to the person making of hen. To decide who starts to be hen, a draw is possible. Once have bandaged you eyes, the child must take turns over itself singing the next song: “blind hen that has been lost to a needle and a thimble, you turn around and you will find” . The song is finished, “hen” should find other children.


handkerchief this game pits two teams made up of the same number of people. each Member of the team is assigned a number that is paired with the rival that has the same number . A person made of judge and must say aloud the number. Two participants, each of a team, that have this number must run to pick up the handkerchief and take it to your base. If that picks up the handkerchief is caught before reaching its base, you lose the point.

juego-sillas the play, chairs

game must have as many chairs as participants there are in the game, and a Chair is removed before you start. You will also need a music player. The chairs in a circle with the backrest inwards are placed. The children are standing around the chairs, one after the other. The person who controls the music makes it sound. While it sounds, children must turn around the chairs. At the time when the music for, each player must sit in a Chair. that is left without a Chair is eliminated. 

juego-gato-raton the mouse and the cat

this game is to make a circle among the children seized hand. Two of them are chosen at random: one will make cat and the mouse. The rest of children sing the song: “Mouse that catches you cat, mouse that you’ll catch, if not you caught tonight, tomorrow you catch” . While it sounds the song, mouse will run by the gap formed between the arms of children. The cat will chase you, but children will lower the arms to not let you pass. When the cat touches the mouse, the mouse becomes the cat.

juego-palmas games with the palms of the hands

the games with the palms of the hands are very popular and can be performed anywhere. It is to join the palms of the hands while a song is sung. You can play two or more children and have hit the palms of different shapes: one up and one down, in the Middle, side, etc. game of las palmas helps to boost memory and coordination of children.


ball games a classic in children’s games. The ball used to play a lot of games, since the crawling until it is more mayorcito and you can start to develop balance, motor coordination and strength through this type of games. There are many games, most of them in team: football, basketball, passing the ball, etc.

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