» » Los mejores momentos de Covadonga en 'Masterchef Junior'

Los mejores momentos de Covadonga en 'Masterchef Junior'

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spontaneous, restless and crazy, so defines one of the most peculiar contestants that the latest edition of MasterChef Junior’ has left us.

D.M. – 06/01/2016

Covadonga, de 'MasterChef Junior'

Covadonga, of ‘MasterChef Junior’

Cova, asturiana de 11 years, has two hobbies: cooking and crochet. We review some of its great moments in the contest with which not have been able to stop laughing.

On the occasion of his visit to the residence of his Excellency Ambassador of the USA in Madrid, Covadonga took the opportunity to practice his English: “When the Ambassador I will say hello to my English”. And Moreover, as entered the small hunger during the preparation of the food, he did not hesitate in making a temtempie. 

in a test kitchen, Alvaro, Covadonga contest companion, showed an individualistic nature, imposing its criteria to the Asturian small, claiming “I’ve had to count up to 10 to not get hysterical”

Covadonga is hardworking and takes very seriously what does. That is why, on one occasion in which burned turning to a tortilla, the young contestant is stressed out and needed the help of Jordi Cruz

Covadonga has proven to be very versatile. Therefore you can not finish to know without hearing his super hit of Christmas: ‘like a ball’.

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