» » María Teresa Campos y Edmundo (Bigote) Arrocet posan para ¡Hola!

María Teresa Campos y Edmundo (Bigote) Arrocet posan para ¡Hola!

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María Teresa Campos y Edmundo (Bigote) Arrocet posan para ¡Hola!

the first cover of the year of the Hello! has a huequito for the fields. In this case, María Teresa Campos poses with her partner Edmundo (moustache) Arrocet at his home in Madrid. The bride and groom show your home to the publication; they discuss their plans for the future and explain what’s true or not in the rumors of crisis .

“have not had any crisis. It is totally lying we have separated. Our relationship is very solid and we are very good together “says the couple to the publication.” “We have not raised us married”, are also explained. “At our age is over. If we are together, it is because we want to. I love her very much and that is what matters,”said Edmundo Arrocet.

in the photo who chooses magazine for your home can be physical fitness of Arrocet which dive in the pool house, and on the other side his girlfriend displaying her new shoe collection that bears his name and has designed herself.

2015 has been a difficult year for the family fields, especially for its matriarch, who saw it as her younger sister Araceli, which considered as a daughter, died. “ I can say that in my life no man has accompanied me both as Edmundo .” We are together because we want to, we are both free and nothing binds us”confess and ensures that in these complicated times the humorist was next to it.

on Christmas Eve, Teresa María was with her family, while Bigote Arrocet was with her daughter in London and met new year’s Eve for the new year. In addition, the couple released the new year with a trip to Dubai .


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