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Smoothies: batidos de energía y salud

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you propose 10 smoothies salty and fresh, from fruit and vegetables, to take you anywhere. It is a very healthy choice to nourish you and debugging you after heavy meals for parties. You print them out and hang them on the refrigerator!

is the ultimate Takeaway menus. smoothies salty are a choice healthy and delicious you can prepare at home and comfortably transporting in a thermos . It is a first dish nutritious and very complete and being cold, very refreshing and light. In addition, can vary their consistency according to the hunger you have: bates bread ingredients will fill more, but if you add ice or cold water, aligerarás it.

here are 10 recipes so that you give a new touch to your daily menu. They are going to love! And besides, you them can print and hang on your fridge.

imprime lista smothies


tomato and Basil

are scalded and peeled 1 kilo of tomatoes, removing the seeds. They depart in dice and beat with salt, vinegar, a dash of oil and a few leaves of Basil to taste. Left to cool in the fridge and add a little Basil for garnish.


beet and Apple

is prepared with 4 cooked beets, 1 Apple, 1 onion and half light cream cheese Terrine. The Onion is pocha in a pan with a little oil and mixed together with sugar beets and Apple in Blender, adding the cheese.


melon with vegetables

the base is melon, which should be cut into small pieces. 1 cucumber peeled and cut into dices, and mixed in the blender with the melon, a bag of watercress and a sprig of celery, cut into small pieces. Is salpimenta to taste and will whisk everything again. Allowed to cool.


avocado and cucumber

are peeled and cut into dices 2 ripe avocados and 1 cucumber. With the latter, and with a mortar, forms a paste to which is added the avocado, lemon and a little oil. Joins a litre of broth and a little bit of dill, and mixes. Allowed to cool.


tomato and watermelon

is scald 5 ripe tomatoes and cut into pieces, removing the seeds. Cut a slice of watermelon into cubes and seeds removed. Tomatoes are mixed with watermelon, a shallot, a branch of celery, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Let it cool in the fridge and served with shredded feta cheese.


gazpacho light

2 kilos of tomatoes peeled and cut into pieces, removing the seeds. Cut 1 cucumber diced unpeeled it, and average white onion into julienne strips. Beat all ingredients in the Blender, along with 1 clove of garlic, salt and a splash of oil. Allowed to cool in the fridge.


corn and coconut

are mixed in the Blender 4 jalapeno peppers, 1 tin of corn in canned, 200 ml of coconut milk, lime juice and cilantro in powder. To avoid that the smoothie is very dense, add water to taste. Allowed to cool in the fridge. It can be served with a peeled shrimp.


shake celebrities

the basis is the spinach and add a bit of fruit for best flavor. Apart from the spinach, add according to taste cucumber, carrots, Apple, lettuce and half banana. You can put some ice. ELSA Pataky takes it several times a week.



are boiled 2 leeks, a potato and onion. Mix all the ingredients in the Blender, add oil and salt. Allowed to cool in the fridge and is served with a handful of almonds for garnish.


figs and lettuce

10 fresh figs are peeled and removed the flesh, splitting it into chunks. Cut half Romaine lettuce and 3 medium oranges are squeezed. Mix in the blender with mint and oil, and added ice to the end so that it cools.


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